Welcome to my Gallery, I hope you enjoy your visit. 

12 in a Row

A reflection of colour,,, a reflection of ourselves. This was a color wheel experiment, but on the East Coast these colors would help guide a fisherman home.

Atlantic Cod

When Karl began to paint again, this was the first piece he created. The original is in private collection. However, prints and cards of the piece which started it all, are available. 

Blowin' in the Wind

Considered one of Karl's signature pieces, his whimsical painting captures the joy East Coasters feel about hanging out their clothes. If only we could hang our homes like quilts for that fresh clean sea breeze! 

Blue Door

This door with the old fashioned latch and the lond hinges is the type of door referred to as a "storm door". 

Calm Day

Keefe's Stage in Tilting , Fogo Island is known as the most photographed fishing stage in Canada. 

Cape Spear

The place where " view" was invented. Take a walk in this majestic place and you will know why Karl wanted to paint this, as have many other artists.

Church Pew

Phew from the first church on Fogo Island. It leans up against the wall in my studio. 

Dancin' Jelly Bean Row

Door 129

Another in the "Door Series"..Door 129 is a doorway not often seen anymore. The moldings and the light box above are now a rareity.

Door 211

Lean On Me

This painting is a tribute to all of the people you lean on throughout your life. The line of quilts and pillows are represenative of the people you surround yourself with.

Leave the Light On

The very first of the Door series,,the contrasting Red and Yellow colours and a very modern door on an "not so young" building caught Karl"s eye the second he saw it.

Livin' on the Edge

The title says it all really..many of the families who thrived and built communities during the fishery days, were "Livin' on the edge".

Lobster 'Tale'

Once known as "poor man's food", the lobster is now quite the delicacy.The "TALE" part of this title is a tip of the hat to fisherman's "TALES" that were told on-shore to very trusting listeners.

Minke Whale

New Town

The NEWTOWN...with lots of old charm.

This one steps back in time to a magical lil' wonderous place.

Port Dufferin

Drive past this beautiful property in Port Dufferin, Nova Scotia and you cannot help but pull over and gaze at what is before you.

The second Karl saw this, he pictured a painting.

Taylor made evening.jpg

Taylor Made Evening

Grole. A now re-settled town in Hermitage Bay, NL.

The man in the boat ? His family are from Grole and his last name is Taylor.

Red Door

On the same building and right next to "Leave the light on". A very old door right next to a very modern door.

Red Lock

View from Clay Cove

Some of my older siblings and cousins went to this one room school on the south side of Joe Batt's Arm on Fogo Island, NL.

Three Sheds

Uncle Mic's Stage

Waiting For Spring.jpg

Waiting for Spring

Waiting For Spring Too.jpg

Waiting for Spring Too

When Cod Was King

Before the discovery of oil,,,,there was Cod.

Dangerous conditions did not deter the brave souls that made their way out to sea to make a living from it. 

Where Paths Cross

Remembering a time when you checked in on and visited your neighbours. Borrowed a cup of sugar,, beating a path to each others doors.